Inter-island mobility of people and goods within Galapagos has greatly increased in recent times, due to a doubling of the population, vastly increased tourism and the radical transformation of the insular lifestyle. This has resulted in the demand for a refined and more advanced maritime transportation system connecting the inhabited islands of the Galapagos Archipelago.

Travelling within the Galapagos Islands can be relatively complex to understand for newcomers to the archipelago. The Spanish language barrier, the Galapagos way of doing business, the perennial "last minute reservation changes" and a chaotic boarding process at the pier can soon spoil a carefully planned holiday into a memorable nightmare.

GPS Ferry Transfers is a new service offered by S.A GALAPAGOS ACTIVITIES, launched to provide immediate solutions to the deficient organization and quality customer service in the inter island ferry system. We are proud to offer this service to Galapagos and guarantee to deliver a reliable, efficient and safe travel experience to all our customers.

The Galapagos Inter Island ferry system is served by fast speedboats that have an average authorized capacity of 20-30 passengers each. These speedboats are powered by 2 to 3 - 200 horsepower engines that can make the trip between the major ports of the Archipelago in approximately two hours and forty-five minutes.

Note that the trip between San Cristobal to Isabela and vice versa takes more than double the time, due to the transit in Santa Cruz.

GPS Ferry Transfers is committed to offering quality local inter island ferry service for commuters and tourists. To this end, we strive to further upgrade our ferry services and target to be the online leader of the local water transport industry.

"Customer First and Foremost" is our corporate mission. We are dedicated to providing a safe, fast and comfortable journey with quality staff and a reliable fleet.

S.A GALAPAGOS ACTIVITES represents & owns the "GPS Ferry Transfers" brand. The company deals with the commercialization of touristic activities and transportation services within the Galapagos Islands and Ecuadorian continent.

GALAPAGOS ACTIVITES agents are trained to assist you with any issue or inconvenience you are experiencing in your inter island ferry travel. Our offices are conveniently located in Guayaquil city and you can easily contact us via live chat or email. For any immediate issue or emergency, our ground staff located on the Islands will be able to help you with anything you need.

Please note that S.A GALAPAGOS ACTIVITIES will collect all payments made from customers purchasing services offered by GPS Ferry Transfers.