1. What is the actual problem with the Galapagos Inter Island Ferry System?

Knowing when and how to travel between Islands on an inter island ferry in the Galapagos is a bit of a challenge. There is no officially managed public schedule and its not really a public transportation system. Most ferries are run by private boat owners that operate on a day-to-day basis. This results in a disorganized, inefficient and slow Galapagos inter island ferry system.

2. What is GPS Ferry Transfers?

GPS Ferry Transfers is a new service, launched to provide immediate solutions to the deficient organization and quality customer service in the inter island ferry system. GPS Ferry Transfers operates and sells Inter island ferry services in the Galapagos region.

3. How do I get a hold of secure tickets with GPS Ferry Transfers?

Tickets can be bought directly on our website through our online booking system via paypal. Customers must click on the "book ferry" icon on the top right hand side of the web page. Select the service you wish to contract and follow instructions. Once payment has been confirmed, we will deliver you an e-ticket via email and confirm your seat on the ferry.

4. Why book in advance with GPS Ferry Transfers?

- Have everything scheduled
You can have your entire ferry trip to the Galapagos Islands easily scheduled many weeks before landing in the Archipelago. Book your ferry tickets in Galapagos depending on your flight date and time. This way, you will avoid any unpleasant situation, such as lack of ferry schedules on your day of convenience or no ticket availability, especially on high season.

- Avoid problem of availability
High season (February till July and October till December) is a very busy period for the Galapagos ferries. During this period, ferries are usually fully booked many weeks before the traveling date. In order to avoid any problem of availability, you are advised to book your ferry tickets at least 1-2 months before.

In some cases, it also happens that some seats are sold at a higher price during high season or at last minute rate due to high demand and limited availability on ferries. Therefore you eventually end up paying a ticket much more than you had originally planned.

- Have more options in ferry trips
Our online booking system usually gives more options regarding ferry trips and companies than a local travel agency that cooperates only with the largest ferry companies. As you get more options, you can arrange your schedule better.

- Have your ferry tickets to Galapagos sent at home
Our online booking system offers the possibility to have your Galapagos ferry tickets sent at your home or office. Therefore you can have your tickets at hand long time before the actual trip. You can therefore travel stress free, relax and avoid last minute queues at the pier kiosk.

- Customer support available 7 days a week
GPS Ferry Transfers offers support 7 days a week via email, web-chat and in person (ground staff available on each inhabited island) on the Galapagos Islands for any question or last-minute issue that might occur.

- Payment on secured server
Using our online reservation system, you buy your Galapagos ferry ticket through a secured server. Therefore you can have your ferry trip scheduled with no risk at all.

- Shuttle Service Pickup included
The GPS Ferry Transfers service includes a shuttle service pickup transfer. This means that our ground staff will pick you up directly from your hotel or accommodation on the island, explain the details of your trip and drop you off at the pier to catch your boat. With your ground transportation pre booked and arranged beforehand you can travel stress free and avoid the hassle of looking for a taxi or bus to reach the pier on time.

5. What's the reservation policy like?

In order to confirm your reservation and to be guaranteed a seat on the ferry, the total value of the ticket must be paid. Reservation changes are free of charge but must be completed with more than 5 days before ferry departure time. Once the time limit has expired, reservation changes will no longer be available.

6. What's the cancellation policy like?

Unfortunately we do not offer reimbursements or refunds on cancellations made by customer. We are however happy to change your reservation dates as long as this is arranged with more than 5 days before ferry departure time.

7. If I don't want to use my ticket, can I transfer it to someone else?

Yes. Tickets can be transferred to another person at no extra cost, but this must be completed 5 days before ferry departure time. Please notify our agents as soon as possible so that they can help you with this process and avoid any inconvenience at the pier. Please note that once the time limit has expired, ticket transfers will no longer be available.

8. What happens if you miss the ferry or don't show up to catch the shuttle pickup service?

Passengers who miss the ferry/shuttle or fail to show up for reasons that are not attributable to GPS Ferry Transfers will automatically lose their tickets.

9. How can I submit a claim?

Passengers can submit a claim to our customer service department at the email: info@ferry-galapagos.com.

Make sure to briefly describe the nature of your problem or inconvenience and attach a copy of your e-ticket issued by GPS Ferry Transfers.

Please note that GPS Ferry Transfers does not take responsibility in delays or ferry cancelations due to events described as "force majeur". GPS Ferry Transfers defines a force majeure event as: "Any conditions beyond GPS Ferry Transfers control, including weather, acts of God, civil commotion, wars, hostilities, strikes, labour-related disputes, government regulation or action, shortage of labour or fuel, or other facts not foreseen by GPS Ferry Transfers."

10. Where does the ferry depart from in each island?

All ferries depart at the "passengers pier" on every inhabited island in Galapagos. For more information on map directions and exact locations of these piers please click on "DESTINATIONS" located on the menu bar.

11. How long before departure do I need to be available for boarding at the pier?

The shuttle service will pick you up at your hotel or accommodation on the island 60 minutes before ferry departure time (indicated on your e-ticket).

12. Does the ferry link with any buses and flight departures?

There is currently no public bus service in the Galapagos Islands. Your GPS Ferry Transfers e-ticket includes a shuttle service that will pick you up directly from your hotel or accommodation on the island and drive you to the pier.

Flight departures are usually linked with ferry departure timings on each island. Please contact your airline for more information on this matter.

13. Does the ferry run in all types of weather?

Yes. However there may be situations when ferry service is suspended due to extreme weather conditions at sea. Please contact our staff immediately so that we can arrange alternative transportation options.

14. Does the ferry run on public holidays?

Yes. The Galapagos Inter Island ferry runs every day of the year.

15. What recommendations should I be aware of when traveling with GPS Ferry Transfers?

- If you're prone to seasickness, let the crew know so they will give you a seat at the back of the boat, where you will get some fresh air.
- Prepare to get wet if you sit near the back of the boat on a rough, windy or rainy day
- Consider bringing your own snack and water
- Unless it is an emergency, don't plan to be able to use the toilet on the ride. It will be way too bumpy!
- Extra costs: ferries at Isabela and Santa Cruz Island require a water taxi transfer to reach your boat. You're expected to pay cash to the water taxi drivers. Usually it costs $1 on Isabela and $0.80 on Santa Cruz.

16. What guarantee can you expect from the GPS Ferry Transfers service?

Please make sure to be ready for your shuttle service pickup 60 minutes before ferry boarding time. This is to allow sufficient time for transfer and baggage inspection at the pier. The shuttle service will wait for you at your hotel or accommodation entrance and you will need to show your e-ticket to board the vehicle.

GPS Ferry Transfers staff will be aboard the shuttle vehicle and can help or assist you in anything you require. They are responsible for your travel and will ensure you board the assigned vessel.

All Inter Island Ferry transportation that cannot be served due to weather conditions at sea, mechanical failure or unforeseen circumstances will be replaced by an alternative ferry or Inter Island flight at no additional cost.

Yes, whatever happens you will always get to your destination!

**Note that GPS Ferry Transfers passengers will first be allocated to another ferry in the event of mechanical failure or if the programed ferry is not fit to travel. If no other ferry is available or if the Galapagos Inter Island Ferry system is suspended due to weather conditions at sea, GPS Ferry Transfers passengers will be transferred via plane.